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General information

"Omer" wing-sail Ltd. Was founded in 2003 by Ilan Gonen, an enthusiastic amateur sailor and ex-fighter pilot.

The goal was to design and build a wing-sail to be installed in a standard boat. This has been successfully achieved with the intensive involvement of Dr. Rafi Yoeli,  a leading authority in aeronautical engineering.

The selected boat was Elan 37',  built in Slovenia, on which the deck and hull/deck join were reinforced for the free-standing  mast. 
Mark I and mark II masts were built by Hall spars, while Mark III and mark IV were built by Formula Marine.

Sea trials started in summer 2005 proving excellent performance. Omer wing sail Mark I was ready for final testing in April 2006 and Mark II, that was targeted also for large boats, was ready on June 2008.

On October 2011, Mark III, based on a new A frame mast concept was presented. 

The new free standing and rotating A frame mast, made by Formula Marine, enables making the wing out of three different sails (two main sails and one leading edge sail). All three sails are sliding up and down on standard sail tracks and handled independently. When all three sails are hoisted, we get a wing that can be reefed, has variable geometry (camber changes easily) and good for short-hand sailing.
Mark IV was presented in May 2013. This version which is also based on the A frame mast concept, has optional gennaker, shorter mast, square top main sails, and the possibility to have the sails sliding by either luff lines (performance version) or by standard tracks and cars (cruising version). 
During 2010, we designed for Wally, a wing for large cruising yachts, called WOW  (Wally Omer Wing). This wing is based on the new concept of an A frame mast, and has two reefing booms, one for each of the two main sails. Please visit: 
Patents granted: 
US 6863008, 7603958, 8281727
EU 1373064, 2404820
NZ 529216, 586805, 593939
AU 2002236181, 2008344923
SA 2010/04809

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